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The Econo - RES System

On-line Reservation System Connected to your Web Site.

Features of Econo-RES:

1. When making a reservation, a guest clicks the “reservation button” on your Web Site. A 4 step system is used to book a reservation:

    • Guest inputs arrival date and number of nights stay.
    • Availability appears, and Guest indicates room types, or properties of interest.  In-room pictures can be displayed if desired.
    • Occupant name, Cots, Cribs, Adults, Children are requested. Total charges are shown to the Guest.
    • A form appears and prompts the Guest to input Name, Address, Phone, e-mail, and method of payment.

Upon submission of the form, then:

    • A thank you page is displayed to the Guest
    • An e-mail to the Guest is created confirming the reservation
    • An e-mail to the hotel is created

2. Hotel personnel login to Econo-RES system, to retrieve Credit Card data, and processes Credit Card Authorizations for newly booked reservations.  To keep costs to a minimum, Econo-RES does not automatically process credit card transactions.

3. Hotel personnel input reservations into local reservation system. There is no automatic interface between the local reservation system, and the Econo-RES system.

Back Office/Administration features of Econo-RES
For use by hotel personnel.  Secure login is required, and a user menu will change based on the security rights of the user.

Menu options:

1. Userid Maintenance (with levels of security by user. Only managers can set up users.)

2. Hotel Definition

  • Name, Address, Phone, maximum days to be sold, cot price, crib price, pets allowed, maximum rooms allowed to be booked, block out days from today, sales tax rate, hotel policy statements and standard messages that appear when a guest is making a reservation.
  • Ability to Turn Econo-RES on or off so that guests can be blocked from entering reservations.

3. Room Type Maintenance

  • Room Type, Description, Picture File, Maximum rooms available for sale over the Internet, Maximum guests allowed in the room.

4. Room Rates Maintenance

  • Base nightly rate for each room type, Start date, End date, Weekend Surcharge if any.

5. Surcharge Maintenance

  • Special surcharges for peak periods, like July 4th holiday, and minimum nights stay for peak periods.

6. Availability Table

  • For each month and Room Type, number of rooms available for sale over the Internet

7. Hotel Policy Maintenance

  • Allows the hotel to update Policies that are displayed to Guests.

8. Reports

  • New reservations for a day, or any period of time
  • Arrivals list for a selected day
  • Departures list for a selected day
  • Ability to retrieve and print complete detail for any reservation
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